DAISO US And A Few Other Stores!

Daiso is a dollar store kind of franchise store based out of Japan and has several stores in the United States as well. In Japan, whatever you buy is just 100-Yen and in the United States, they cost you a dollar and half. Almost.

There are about 77 stores in the country and they operate similar to the Dollar Tree where most of the products are just under a dollar. In short, they are called the Japanese Dollar Store.

You can even get underwear for a dollar and half and a ceramic dinnerware costs you not more than $10. This is the best shop for adults to buy at a budget.

For more on Daiso hours, visit here.

Not just Daiso, there are a few other service stores and retail stores that you need to know about. These will be the places you may want to visit sometime soon, particularly after this COVID era when you are desperately trying to go out.


This is yet another discount store where you get most products under a dollar. There are more than 15K stores in 48 states in the country. The stores now operate under the Family Dollar brand and is a publicly traded company.


If you want to get beauty related products, and also groom yourself, look no further than Sally’s.

Sally’s is also present across the country with several branches and franchise stores. Not just the US, this brand is present in more than 10 countries including Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and in some South American countries like Peru, Chile and Puerto Rico.

It is said that they offer more than 6000 products across several lines such as Hair, Nails and Skin and also several grooming services in their stores.

Click here for Sally’s hours.


Target is a Big Box department store similar to Walmart and Costco chain and is the eighth largest retail store in the country. Target has several types of sales centers like Discount stores, hypermarkets and small format stores. 


Aldi is yet another discount supermarket store in the country and is the 18th-largest store to operate within the country. Although they are German owned and still headquartered in Germany, there are about 1600 stores in the US between Aldi and Trader Joe’s which is a subsidiary of the parent brand.


Yet another supermarket chain that goes multinational, 7-eleven operates from 19 countries with over 19000+ stores and franchises. These are mostly convenience stores with major products being food products like Coffee, candies, Sandwiches, Dairy products and more like Gasoline.