What time can you grab your Sandwich lunch at these restaurants?

The love for sandwiches never stops! Mostly they are consumed for breakfast. However, sandwiches are offered for lunch too as many people prefer them.

Wanna know which sandwich chains offer sandwich lunch at what time? Here you go!

Check out the lunch timings of America’s best sandwich chains.


Potbelly offers tasty and good sandwiches for breakfast as well as lunch. There are plenty of sandwich options that you can choose from.

All their sandwiches are made from fresh bread with healthy ingredients. Besides sandwiches, you also get salads, mac & soups, chips, sides, cookies, shakes, and drinks. 

Read this page for potbelly menu

Wanna have a delectable sandwich lunch at Potbelly? Check out their lunch hours below.

Potbelly Lunch Hours: 11 AM till closure

Golden Chick

Golden Chick is taking the chicken sandwiches to the next level. To make sure its customers are getting high quality food, their sandwiches are served over freshly baked yeast rolls.

Based on your hunger, you are free to get bigger and better sandwiches at Golden Chick. The taste it offers you’ll not find anywhere else. 

See here for golden chick menu

Having plans to taste their delicious sandwiches for lunch? Check when they serve lunch.

Golden Chick Lunch Hours: 11 AM till closure  


You must keep in mind that Panera bread’s lunch menu is as good as it appears. The mix of lean meat (such as turkey) and vegetables (such as lettuce, onions, and tomatoes) in a sandwich is a healthy choice.

Their fantastic sandwiches are something that you shouldn’t miss. Besides sandwiches there’s a lot on the Panera Bread menu. 

You need to visit there at least once for lunch if you have not. Before that check out Panera Bread lunch timings.

Panera Bread Lunch Hours: 10:30 AM till closure

Jersey Mike’s

Many people think Subway is the top chain in terms of flavor, but when it comes to the freshness and flavors that Jersey Mike’s adds to each sub, they really rank relatively low. 

The meats and cheeses at Jersey Mike’s are sliced fresh for each sandwich, unlike Subway, where the bread is always freshly baked.

But Jersey Mike’s commitment to freshness doesn’t end there; they also roast their own beef and prepare their famous sauce with a blend of unidentified oils and vinegar. There’s a lot to taste at Jersey Mike’s. 

Head over there for lunch. 

Jersey Mike’s Lunch Hours: 11:30 AM till closure

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is fantastic because in addition to subs, customers may also get full sandwiches on ordinary bread. 

Another advantage of this company is how quickly the sandwiches are really made, making them one of the fastest sandwich restaurants around. 

The toppings truly push the sandwiches over the edge in flavor even though the sandwiches themselves are good. These are pretty darn delicious even though they might not be the greatest in the nation.

Why not try their fantastic sandwiches for lunch? Check out their lunch hours below.

Jimmy John’s Lunch Hours: 11 AM to 3 PM