Best Essential Cocktails You Must Try If You Haven’t!

As you may be already aware of, Cocktails keep coming and new cocktails are being added to the list every day! This is because of the fact that there are plenty of options for Liquors and Mixers, you can practically mix and match them and create a new one!

But, in spite of hundreds and thousands of cocktails out there in the world, there are certain Classics and basic cocktails recipes that you should definitely try, if you haven’t.

We have tried to get you a list of essential cocktails that have been around for several years and will be there for years to come!

These basic cocktails form the base for any alcohol based drinks, and almost all pubs and bars will be able to make them for you!

Let us not waste time!

Whiskey & Coke:

Let’s start with Whiskey, the most popular Liquor! Whiskey doesn’t go well with many other mixers, unlike Vodka and White Rum.

That is perfectly understandable. But, every liquor type has a perfect companion for itself.

Coke is that one perfect companion for Whiskey.

Just Whiskey + Coke is a good cocktail. Get to know the steps to make Whiskey and Coke Cocktail.


There are several variations to this Classic drink, but the original Dry Martini is always the best, at least for me!

Just a two-ingredient drink, this one has Gin and Dry Vermouth. You can add some dash of bitters, but it’s up to you!


A three-ingredient cocktail, there are so many variations to this one as well. But yet again, the classic one remains the best and easy to make!

All you need to do is mix Light Rum, Fresh Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup. The drink is ready!

Madras Drink:

Vodka, a favorite liquor for cocktails, goes well with any other drinks, particularly fruit juices.

And to top it off, the drink’s flavor is the juice’s flavor, because of the neutral Vodka.

So, you can add any juice to Vodka and a new cocktail is born.

Check out the Madras drink recipe that combines Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice and Lime Juice.



What Martini is to Gin, Margarita is to Tequila. 

Yet another classic drink, with countless variations to date, Tequila combined with Lime Juice and Triple Sec to bring us this drink.

Literally, any flavors can be made a Margarita.


When Rye Whiskey is added to Absinthe and some bitters, you get Sazerac. 

This one is a little off beat, but still popular and a classical drink.


I am sure everyone who drinks cocktails should have known what Manhattan is.

Similar to Martini and Margarita, Manhattan is to Whiskey. 

Any whiskey can be used for this, but if it’s a Rye whiskey, the better it is. 

Mix Whiskey with Sweet Vermouth and some bitters if you want!

Old Fashioned:

Yet another Whiskey drink, this time with only bitters and some sugar cubes to balance the bitters.

But, this Old Fashioned has been here for a long time and variations are here for this one too!